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Under Marduk, there was in the japanese Mediterrean, “a decline within the purpose of girls and their status as compared with Sumerian periods.” Marduk hated Females. Ninmah experienced pushed for primacy of his rival, Ninurta, Inanna bought him buried alive within the Pyramid.

He renamed Mercury, “Nabu.” Marduk developed a priesthood which examined omens in addition to a horoscope that said effects the planets–and their namesakes–experienced on Earthlings.

Among the list of matters we found without intending to is that the universe and all other elements of it is really idiomaterial. Idiomaterial suggests that it's make any difference and thought and we are able to’t tell it aside. Everyday living physics (which happens to be what arrived out of this effort and hard work) pretty much prospects us to seek explanations on causation, not just the unification of all forces of character (as material or standard physics does). We use a way and method of going out of your body which is technologically supported and lets anyone to try this on desire; we known as it extension neurosensing (or ENS for short). The idea and technology was created by many of us.

The majority of the Anunnaki returned to Nibiru. A couple of who remained in the world and the hybrids by means of whom they still rule give all factions and nations credit history and arms and engineer wars among them. The elite run competing religions which each say they’ll deliver again the Anunnaki god in their religion and defeat gods and followers of other faiths.

Freer lists our variations from other humans on Earth just before Enki, et. al. produced us present day Earthlings: “we have foreheads, rarely any brow ridges, eye sockets considerably more rectangular than spherical; somewhat tiny nasal passages; small flat mouths plus a chin; significantly less muscular strength and bone density; our pores and skin, sweat course of action and glands, body hair, throats, and salt administration are absolutely different.

“Deterioration of astronomy was symptomatic of Over-all decline and regression during the sciences, arts, laws, the social framework” under Marduk. “Drugs deteriorated to sorcery. Harshness and coarseness replaced the previous compassion and class.”

Our Sumerian ancestors didn’t imagine gods who made them literate and instructed them what to jot down. Rather then make up gods, Sumerians observed, heard and bred with Anunnaki as extremely tall, extensive-lived folks. Sumerians viewed the giants run devices and computer systems; they noticed them fireplace weapons of mass destruction. They observed Anunnaki with small equipment, MEs, overpower other Anunnaki. Sumerians observed Anunnaki speak into gadgets and heard voices answer. The Anunnaki reported the voices arrived from spacecraft beyond sight plus the moon, southern Africa, the Andes plus the Indus Valley, along with from noticeable rockets, shuttlecraft, orbiting stations and planes. Sumerians tagged Anunnaki plane, submarines, helicopters, spaceships, weapons and desktops with their click to investigate unique text and words the gods taught them.

Karen was tested with the capacities of telepathy, distant viewing, and telempathic contact. A divine intervention brought Karen out on the clutches of that application, but she grew to become aware about her capabilities to produce contact with a lot of forms of beings, being able to entry the “akashic” history or maybe the human “biokind biomind” for facts, in addition to do channeling by means of automated creating.

David took Jerusalem and made it his Capitol, “trying to find a safer area since the wars Along with the neighboring Philistines during the southern Element of Canaan’s coastal basic intensified. He gave Yahweh-Enlil’s handwritten plans for just a temple there to his son, Solomon.“ [

Our science nevertheless can’t Slash, go and match substantial rocks as well as the Anunnaki. They Slash stones as significant as 10 tons with large reducing tools operate on ability pulled from the earth and capacitated and amplified by crystals that broadcast Vitality inside pyramids such as why not try here the Excellent Pyramid at Giza and Enki’s Pyramids in South Africa.

” said Joseph. In 1840 B.C., Amenemhet built Joseph Overseer of Egypt, liable to retail store water and grain from the 7 superior many years for the seven lean kinds.

Cuzco’s “more mature edifices have been crafted of flawlessly cut, dressed and shaped stones of brown trachtyte, stones of good dimension along with the oddest find out styles that fitted one particular into A further’s angles with precision and without mortar.”

“A row of 6 colossal monoliths stand on the topmost terrace. The gigantic stone blocks are from eleven to fourteen ft significant, 6 or more toes in width and range in thickness from three to above 6 feet. These fifty-ton or so blocks stand joined jointly without mortar with extensive dressed stones inserted among the colossal blocks to produce a good thickness.

Ways led from the japanese terrace at Chavin De Huantar to the sunken plaza surrounded on three sides by rectangular platrorms. A significant flat boulder with seven grind holes and a rectangular market stood “Outside the house the southwestern corner with the sunken plaza.”

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